What We Wanted To Do

Keep Pushing

Symbiotico started as a school project, but had quickly become a passion project. The goal of Symbiotico is to “Simplify sustainability by connecting people with a wide variety of environmental information and resources from across the internet”. Every project is an opportunity to learn something new, so with Symbiotico I really wanted to take on something I had never done. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to teach myself PHP in conjunction with MySQL, as the workflow and storing of information made perfect sense to me. As the project went on, I found myself adding more features and soon it became a playground of sorts; a place to learn and try new things.

The Result


Symbiotico is still an ongoing project, so things are always changing and improving. However, in its current state the website is a powerhouse of information with almost 250 brands and 500 articles. I created Symbiotico with Bootstrap as a foundation, but the overall grid layout I designed myself. The data is stored in MySQL, with PHP connecting and serving everything. Other things are in the database as well, such as the hero images. As time went on I created a back-end dashboard with analytics using Matomo and Chart.js, which are also gathered and stored on the same server as the website. In addition, the back-end features input forms for my people to add articles and brands. Eventually I’d like to add the option for users to register and save articles and brands, but for now the login page only leads to the back-end. You can view the website at symbioti.co.