What I Wanted To Do

Clean It Up

This was a project that I created for one of my web design classes. The goal was to redesign and code a website for an organization. I chose Sea Shepherd, as I love what they do and thought it would be a fun project. I designed the pages in Figma and soon after started writing the code. This project was supposed to just be basic HTML, as many people in the class had not yet worked with it. I only had 2 weeks to create the website from design to publish so I chose Bootstrap as a foundation to speed up development. For the design I wanted to use a lot of images to show what Sea Shepherd does and made blue the primary color.

The Result

Simple and Refreshing

The finished website turned out pretty similar to the wireframes and mockups I created. It’s clean with plenty of whitespace and images to balance the design out. The website itself is rather small, but the class required there only be four pages. I think the final product looks great. You can view the website here