What I Wanted To Do

Clean It Up

The goal of this project was to redesign a website of any nonprofit organization. In addition, the website had to be coded from scratch. The chosen organization was Sea Shepherd, a marine wildlife conservation society. Their current website was confusing and important information was hard to find. The concept of the redesign was to create something simple and easy to navigate so users could find what they needed. The design started in Figma and was written in HTML. The result made heavy use of images and the color blue, to reflect the ocean. All copy and images are by Sea Shepherd from their old website.

The Result

Simple and Refreshing

The finished website turned out pretty similar to the wireframes and mockups created. It’s clean with plenty of whitespace and images to balance the design out. The website itself is rather small, but is more of a quick design and code project than a full build out. The final product looks great and is easier to navigate. You can view the website here