What I Wanted To Do


This was a project that I created for one of my web design classes. The goal was to create a website that utilized MySQL and PHP. I chose to create a music database with design language inspired by Apple Music. I spent a majority of this project entering music into the database in order to have enough information to create a design with. The website was supposed to be fairly simple, with PHP template pages that were to be filled out with artist and album information. I wanted the design to be a blend of the functionality of Spotify and the aesthetic of Apple.

The Result

Easy to Use

The final design took notes from Spotify with the classic row of album covers and I added the pop of color that Apple tends to use. I wanted the covers to be the focus of the page, so I made sure there was sufficient spacing. This was another quick design and development project so I didn’t implement all the features and pages I would have liked. If anything, this was a learning project working with MySQL and figuring out how everything connects. I overcame a lot of problems with pulling from multiple tables and displaying it currently, especially with the song lists on the artist pages. You can view the website here.