What I Wanted To Do


The goal of this project was to create a website that was based on a database of something. The chosen database was a music catalog. Design inspiration was taken from a mix of Apple Music and Spotify. The design was made to be full of information, but organized in such a way that users don’t need to dig for an artist or song. All pages are written dynamically, so data is loaded into a preset design. The backend of the website is organized into tables, each featuring artists and their albums. The website currently isn’t fully featured and is missing the ability to actually listen to the music. Additionally, the catalog only includes music that was inputted manually, so it is limited.

The Result

Easy to Use

The final design took notes from Spotify with the classic row of album covers and the added pop of color that Apple tends to use. The covers are the focus of the page, so there was sufficient spacing. This was another quick design and development project so all it is more of a proof of concept than fully functioning. If anything, this was a learning project working with MySQL and figuring out how everything connects. A lot of problems were overcome with pulling from multiple tables and displaying it currently, especially with the song lists on the artist pages. You can view the website here.